Does Your Company Broadcast the Right Signal?

Every company broadcasts a signal, whether intentional or not. This signal tells a story. This story can potentially unlock the door to an engaged community of raving fans resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue beyond your wildest imagination. Of course, it could be something a whole lot worse; obscurity. Welcome to the new digital economy - if you're not participating, you're simply watching history (and your competition) pass you by.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI – Huffington Post

Let’s be honest. Content marketing really sucks. For the most part you’re doing it as a means to an end to get new leads and sales. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

Top Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency Best Practices to Onboard New Clients

Social media agencies face many exciting opportunities to work with brands and clients of all shapes and sizes. Although some may focus on a certain niche or industry, many consultants and agencies Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

10 Years in Social Media – By the Numbers [Infographic]

It’s been 10 years since Engadget launched in March 2004. Things have changed so much since then especially social media. Take a look at this infographic by Engadget to learn more about interesting numbers in social media in the last decade. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

The Definitive Guide to Influencer Targeting

The term influencer is wiggling its way through the tangled web. And it’s a hard one to catch because no one knows for certain what it looks like. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

11 Ways to Build Links Through Content Marketing

Anyone involved with online marketing and SEO already knows link building can be a dangerous game to play. For starters, you have to keep up-to-update to Google’s algorithmic changes and play by Google’s ever-changingWebmaster Guidelines. You also have to make sure you’re getting links from high-quality sites – and not those spammy, black-hat locations. Despite these challenges, link building works.… Read more →

9 Hollywood Robots That Will Never Take Over Content Marketing – Huffington Post

Robots may take over the world someday, but I guarantee this bunch won’t be taking over content marketing anytime soon. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

New Study Reveals the Lifetime Value of a Blog Post

A new study upends our assumptions about the value of blog posts, revealing that a post’s lifespan is nearly 24 times what we thought. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

7 Smart Small Business Strategies to Get Noticed on Social Media

Marketing your small business on social media? Failing to gain results? 7 strategies to help you stand out and get noticed on social media. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

How Journalism-Focused AI Will Change The Content Marketing Landscape Forever – Forbes

There’s a serious threat on the horizon for content marketing, and it will likely result in a complete overhaul of the field as we know it. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

How to Create Facebook Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Facebook

Never launch a paid ad feeling unprepared thanks to this comprehensive checklist, which covers everything from budgeting to creative design. Sourced through from: See on – #KESocial Read more →

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